About Our Consulting Services

Aabout-imgbout The Consultant

Noble Image and Apparel is the dedicated to taking care of branding for yourpersonal and professional needs. Whether concierge services or custom clothing, no request is too large.

The President of our company, Eric Noble has been in the fashion merchandising, apparel/consulting business for 30 years. He is regarded as friendly, knowledgeable and willing to assist. Eric was also a fashion model for 3 years. He is certified through the Custom Design and Tailoring Organization as well as the Fashion Institute and a Certified Male Image Consultant.

Eric’s goals are to motivate, educate and equip clients to be prepared for future endeavors and to do so with great confidence. He will always deliver quality professional service. You will feel empowered in any situation because Eric goes out of his way to ensure his clients look their best.   He also ensures his clients’ need is above any other interest.

Noble Image and Apparel is available to provide services to charitable organizations as a way of giving back to the community.