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Off the Cuff – New Year, New You

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Now that January is over, chances are you have already forgotten your resolutions for the year. Fear not, Noble Image and Apparel can help you manage your image and brand for a successful year.   Don’t make a resolution, make a plan. Plan to be your best when it comes to your personal style. Focus on grooming, diet and exercise. Those three will make your year the best. But, you must commit to working on them all.

Plan to look your best for the New Year.   Ask those you trust to tell you truthfully what is going well and on what can your improve in your grooming habits – scent, hair, nails, facial hair and skin. Take the time to find products to help you look and feel your best. Seek out professionals who can assist with styling and maintenance. When you look your best, you feel your best. Go ahead, be a metrosexual man!

You heard the old adage you are what you eat? This is true for your physical and mental health. Eating healthy foods with emphasis on the nutrients your body needs enhances your overall health and appearance. Junk food will not help you feel your best. Clothes will look better on a body of a healthy man.

You don’t have to be Mr. Atlas. But a well-toned body can make all the difference in your style, posture and attitude. Take the time to plan an exercise program. You can do it alone or you can join a gym. Also, consider a personal trainer to help get you on track for the New Year.

You are worth it. We at Noble Image and Apparel can help you find the right style. Consider enhancing that style with a well groomed, well fed and healthy body.

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Off the Cuff – Why Undershirts?

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A good question we get while working with our clients of Noble Image and Apparel – should I wear an undershirt under my dress shirt and if so, what kind? As a personal shopper, we always include undergarments in our recommendations.

First, lets explore the historical aspects of the undershirt. Since undergarments were not to be seen, there are not many drawings pre-1950’s.   Being seen in undergarments was similar to being seen naked. From a biblical perspective, undergarments were a way to ensure there was coverage since Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden and wore fig leaves.  This was added level of modesty for men.

From a practicable perspective, undergarments not only helped in providing extra layer clothing for insulation from the cold, but more importantly, undergarments protect the outer layer of clothing. Bathing was not a daily pastime. Maybe weekly. Therefore, undergarments helped to protect clothing from the odors and sweat of the day.   Also, the outer garments could be scratchy.

When we look at present time, we do have better hygienic practices. But, we can extend the longevity of our clothing by reducing the cleaning frequency. We can also reduce our cleaning expenses. That is a win-win – clothes last longer and require less dry cleaning or laundering.  Also, undershirts can keep moister away from your body depending on the fabric used.

So, if you sweat heavily, need to keep the chest hair tamed, want to protect your clothing, want a finished look, reduce deodorant stains, get cold easily or want to avoid chafed skin under a stiff fronted shirt, then we recommend your wear an undershirt.

Remember, a T-shirt is NOT and undershirt. Your undershirt should be closefitting and similar to your skin tone.   You want your undershirts to look good and be comfortable. Noble Image and apparel can help you find the right undershirt.

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Off the Cuff – You Can Afford a Custom Made Suit


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As a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant, Noble Image and Apparel can help our clients through the process of acquiring a custom made suit. This process is affordable when you consider the long-term investment. The suit is made specifically to your taste, your style and when done correctly, will last longer than a suit purchased “off the rack”.

When you shop in a regular men’s store for a suit, you are limited by the inventory available. There will be the usual black suits, grey suits and navy suits. Some will have pinstripes and some will have patterns. However, you are only able to select what’s available. And tailoring will be needed. After all, we don’t have the perfect specifications.

With a suit made to order, you select the pattern, the material and the design. You would expect attention to details such as buttons, lapels, stitching, cut, padding and lining.   You get to design a suit made especially for you and your style. When you consider the cost of tailoring an off the rack suit to your fit, the total outlay can get quite expensive. However, you do want the best look since your clothes impact how others perceive you – your brand.

Because of the quality of material, the attention to detail and the work done on creating your suit, you will find with proper care, your suit will have that quality look for years.    This more cost effective than purchasing many suits of a period of time.

A custom suit made based on your style is a great investment in you. Let Noble Image and Apparel assist you with your next purchase.

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Off the Cuff – April Showers



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Clients of Noble Image and Apparel are encouraged to let us, as their personal shopper, select the perfect rain gear for the weather we encounter during this month. March winds bring April Showers! As Image Consultants, We can help you select the right style and fit of a Trench Coat. Why a Trench Coat? A stylish Trench Coat will enhance your wardrobe, provide needed protection for your clothing and can be layered with any style of clothing.

Trench coats were said to be created for the benefit of soldiers in World War I. It was durable and also fashionable for military officers. Civilians soon adopted this style of coat. Since the Trench Coat was designed for the military, it is usually double-breasted with ten buttons on the front. The knee length coat comes in several colors: black, beige, tan and olive. The trench coat has become a classic for men and women.   The coat can be tailored to provide you with a professionally finished look. The lightweight fabric makes it ideal for travel. Function and Style comes with owning a well-made trench coat. Think Humphrey Bogart – Casablanca. This coat was designed for looks and practicality.

The Trench Coat is breathable and waterproof. Since the coat is excellent for inclement weather; it provides good protection from wind and rain. This is done with the use of two different types of coatings: laminate and fabric coating.  For very cold weather, a removable liner can be used. Usually the liner is plaid. There are also liners in solid colors.

The Trench coat is excellent for all occasions. It can be layered with your casual wear, professional suits or formal attire.   With the attention to detail in design and tailoring, the coat works well for the man on the go. It is the perfect silhouette for any body style and will be a great addition to the wardrobe of a well-dressed man.

Please contact us with any further questions.

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Off the Cuff – Reflections of an Image Consultant

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While it may not feel like it’s spring, spring is here. What does that mean? It is time for men to get their spring and summer looks together and talk about men’s fashions.

When I was at Men’s New York Fashion Week, I noticed a return to the preppy look: printed jackets, pants and even polo shirts. The look is short in the body and fitted around the waist. By the way, take it from this fashion consultant, don’t over do it! If you wear a printed shirt, wear solid pants and visa versa. Also make sure your garments fit correctly so it doesn’t’ look like you’re wearing pajamas.   Always look your best.

I also noticed wearing white is making a huge resurgence.   But the trick to wearing white is to make sure textures contrast as to keep your look from appearing tacky or overstated.

At Noble Image and Apparel, we believe in keeping looks simple and streamlined. When getting ready to start your day, get a nice shirt; choose a pair of pants, select a pair of boat shoes or sneakers and go for it!

When looking at all the new colors and fashion trends, one thing to keep in mind is there is nothing worse than buying trends that don’t make it through one season. Stick to the classics, the garments that are going to be around for a while and you are sure to get your money’s worth out them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your look your own and modernize your look by possibly adding a splash of color.

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7 Reasons to Hire an Image Consultant

Man's collection: a shirt with a bright tie, shoes and a belt on a wooden background

Man’s collection: a shirt with a bright tie, shoes and a belt on a wooden background

Put your mind at ease when you allow someone else to do the shopping for you. Avoid the racks of clothes, crying kids and the confusion of modern fit or tailored slim fit while still looking your best, when letting an image consultant do all of the hard work for you. 7 reasons to hire an image consultant: (more…)

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What a Personal Shopper Does for you

Packages for purchases and men's shirts. Sale in shop of expensive classical men's wear

Packages for purchases and men’s shirts. Sale in shop of expensive classical men’s wear

Personal shoppers are every man’s dream come true to avoid crowded stores and pushy sales people. Pay someone else to do the work so you can enjoy watching a football game, going to happy hour with the guys, or squeezing a round of golf in after work! Understand what these image consultant professionals do to help make your life easier. Here are steps that a person with this profession would do on any given day: (more…)

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Man for the Job

man-for-jobAre you new in the area, lost your luggage, or just starting a new job? Whatever your clothing situation may be, there is no limit on what we will do to help you. At Noble Image and Apparel, we have 30 years of expertise and we promise to give you look you need. We have the solution for all of your clothing needs.

We will give you friendly and knowledgeable advice to get you looking good. So whatever you next event may be. at Noble Image and Apparel, what’s important to you is important to us. Give call or visit us on our website. Let’s get started.

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For Every Occasion

every-occasionWhether you want to do a wardrobe redo after coming out of a divorce, starting a new job, or simply starting a new life. A personal shopper is the perfect solution. Sometimes what we continuously do gets us the same results and we want new results, (not to say that what you’ve been doing is wrong) If you simply want a little bit of help, let us help you get that different result that you’ve been looking for.

There are hundreds of stores with hundreds of salesman waiting to tell you anything you want to hear just so they can get the commission. We feel this is not always in your best interest when you want honest feedback. We want to help you achieve the best look for you and help you reach your goals. We at Noble Image and Apparel are impartial and have no allegiance to any organization or company. You know we’re going to tell you what’s best for you.

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Slim Fit Suits vs. Traditional Fit

We have reached a new era in men’s dress, the ability to choose between slim fit suits and traditional. Slim fit suits have rapidly gained traction in menswear. This is a good thing since this now gives us more choices. But where do you find yourself in this process? On one hand for the very thin man, this is nothing short of a godsend. But, for middle weight to the Regal Fit man, this may not be the best choice. I say this because there are larger men who like the look, but it is not the best fit for them. Some things come into fashion which are not necessarily the best fit for everyone.

Slim fits suits can also be a great idea for the athletic body proportions not seen in the traditional fit suits. There are various variations of body styles and types, too numerous for this blog. But, there are different ways of fitting the individual so he can achieve his best look at an affordable price.

I would also add there are suits made for the Regal Fit. This style allows more waist room in the pant and crotch. However, there is a nice fit in the jacket.

If you have concerns or questions about this topic or other clothing topics, please contact me.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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